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St. Nicholas Day Celebration

The celebration of St. Nicholas Day was part of the Advent Schneller tradition many years ago. This year we decided to restore this verySt. Nicholas Day Celebration nice tradition. It was a nice celebration because it put the now commercialized concept of Santa Claus within its Christian perspective of serving the poor and needy during Advent and Christmas. Combining the Orthodox tradition with the Protestant one was very nicely done by our educator, Mr. Elias Haddad, who lead the chapel service on Tuesday 6 December 2011 at 7.00 PM. Our EMS volunteers, Johannes Michel and Thomas Ruppert, were ready right after the chapel service with their St. Nicolas attire to distribute the traditional Schneller gift of the occasion to all the students. The gift is very simple. It is a tangerine with a small bag of peanuts in their shells. We had the fruits and the peanuts ordered for the occasion, and we insisted the peanuts are fresh and nicely roasted to make them really delicious for all our students to enjoy. Happy St. Nicolas Day to all the Schneller community.

Photos by Ms. Maria Bogner.

St. Nicholas Day Celebration

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