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JLSS Awareness Program against Sexual Abuse

The media in Lebanon highlighted a few cases of sexual abuse that took place in schools during the last academic year.
The Ministry of Education held a workshop last summer to deal with this problem, emphasize rules and regulations relating to this issue, and provide guidelines to schools.
Mrs. Rita Shakrina, head of the academic department, participated in that workshop.
In HIMAYA Seminar 2012 preparation for the academic year 2012/2013 and in cooperation with HIMAYA, a Lebanese NGO working against child abuse, JLSS organized a seminar on 21 September 2012 for all its teachers, trainers, educators, and members of staff on the topic: Awareness against Sexual Abuse. It was lead by social worker Mrs. Bouchra Wahhab of HIMAYA.
JLSS decided to also seek the professional support of HIMAYA to council all its students on the prevention of sexual abuse.
Mrs. Bouchra Wahhab was invited to take a whole period (55 minutes) for every class in JLSS in both the academic and vocational departments, to provide counseling against sexual abuse to all students. She explained to them what is acceptable behavior from others and what is totally unacceptable. She emphasized that no one should fear to say no to anyone who may try to abuse them, be it a stranger, teacher, driver, or even a close relative. She also explained to them how to seek help in such a situation. Her counseling sessions were adjusted to match the needs and necessities of every age group.

The program was as follows:
8 November 2012:     G2, G3, G4, G5B, DS2
12 November 2012:   G1, KG2, G9, DS3
27 November 2012:   KG1, G7, G8, BP1, BP2
30 November 2012:   G5A, G6, G10, G11, DS1

We thank HIMAYA for its support, cooperation, and especially for charging a minimal fee to only cover travel expenses. We thank Mrs. Bouchra Wahhab for travelling each day, all the way from Damour where HIMAYA Center is, to council our students. We also thank her for her wonderful counseling sessions to all our students.

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