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EVS Vocational Training Equipment

The EVS Foundation through the kind support of Mr. Helmut Hekmann sent JLSS early October 2012 a shipment of vocational training material for both the carpentry workshop and the Elizabeth von der Decken Vocational Training Center for Girls.
This year we started the Dual System training program in woodworking. We also plan to start the vocational training programs for girls with the first class starting in cosmetics after three girls registered in that program.
Mr. Hekmann has been instrumental in providing us with valuable equipment and material for all those new programs in addition to his expert advice in those fields. The last shipment included two industrial machines for button fixing and over locking in addition to a huge supply of material for the sewing workshop. He also sent us an edge gluing machine with all its material and accessories for the carpentry workshop. We do a lot of paid-for edge gluing outside our school, and thus we badly need the machine in order to have this job done in our workshops.
Mr. Romel and Mr. Scheibel of BBW, who will be coming soon to JLSS, will introduce our trainers to this machine in order for them to put it to good use. They will also fix our carpentry CNC machine and install the new software on a new computer kindly donated by the EVS Foundation.
The shipment also included two vacuum cleaners, one wet and the other dry, kindly donated by Kärcher company in Germany.
We express our sincere gratitude to Mr. Hekmann, the EVS Foundation, BBW, and Kärcher for their kind support and this wonderful shipment which will enhance our new vocational training programs.

EVS Shipment 2012

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