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EVS and BBW Woodworking Experts Visit

Joachim Scheibel and Christoph Rommel, woodworking experts from BBW Weiblingen- Germany, visited our school from 4 to 11 November 2012. This visit was kindly arranged by EVS advisor for vocational training Mr. Helmut Hekman. The purpose of the visit was to fix the CNC machine of the carpentry workshop which was not working for the last two years.
EVS donated a new computer for the CNC machine which was ready for Joachim and Christoph when they arrived. The job ofJoachim and Christoph in JLSS fixing the CNC machine was a challenging task. They first had to physically inspect the machine and cables to correct all faulty connections. They then had to connect it to the new computer. They had to check the compatibility of the machine to the new NC generator and then adapt it accordingly.
They installed and configured the new CAD/CAM software. The English version of the CNC / CAD software did not work, so they had to install the German version and adapt the software by inserting a diagram of menus with the equivalent English terminology.
They compiled a step by step user guide and started training JLSS trainers, George Ibrahim Haddad and George Nahhas, to operate the machine and train students on it. This involved introducing them to drawing by CNC / CAD (Bricscad program), knowing and teaching of CNC DIN commands (overview of teaching material), and finally some practice sessions for a small project from drawing to the product.
Joachim and Christoph also introduced the JLSS trainers to the edge-gluing machine (Goliath) and the FESTOOL edge preparation and cutting tools, also kindly donated by EVS.

We express our most sincere gratitude to Joachim Scheibel and Christoph Rommel for fixing our CNC machine, their wonderful visit, and the excellent training they provided to our staff. We also thank Mr. Helmut Hekman, EVS, and BBW for arranging this visit and for the advanced equipment they donated to our carpentry workshop (HP computer, the Goliath edge-gluing machine with all its accessories and material, and the FESTOOL cutting and edge preparation tools).

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