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EMS Visit to JLSS EMS Partners at JLSS

Rev. Andreas Maurer along with Rev. Ulrike Schmidt-Hesse and Ms. Ursula Feist visited Schneller School on Wednesday 12 October 2011. This was the last visit for Rev. Maurer who moved to another church appointment in Germany having served EMS, EVS, and Schneller schools for so many years. The Schneller Board held a meeting in Beirut with our German partners on Tuesday 11 October after which a special dinner was hosted by the National Evangelical Church in Beirut in honor and gratitude to Rev. Andreas Maurer. Rev. Schmidt-Hesse and Rev. Klaus Schmid will replace Rev. Maurer for one year after which it is expected this vacancy will be filled by a newly appointed person.
Rev. Maurer, Rev. Schmidt-Hesse, and Ms. Feist spent Wednesday in JLSS visiting the school and meeting with the director, Rev. George D. Haddad, EMS co-worker, Mr. Hans Lehner, and EMS volunteers, Johannes Michel and Thomas Ruppert among many others in JLSS. We thank our EMS partners and friends for their visit. We especially thank Rev. Maurer for his long years of service and dedication to Schneller schools. We wish him the best in his new appointment.
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