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Christoph Schmitter in JLSS

Christoph with Roland in JLSSChristoph Schmitter, President of SVS (Schweizer Verein Für Die Schneller Shulen in Nahen Osten) arrived to JLSS on Wednesday 28 October, 2011. It had been over two years since Mr. Schmitter last visited JLSS. There was a lot of catching up to do with recent developments in our school. He had meetings with the director, SVS volunteer Roland Hausler, and other members of staff.
SVS for the previous two years had been providing our school with a grant that enables us to have a part-time psychologist to support staff of the boarding department. It will continue with this project this year.
Although the grant that SVS provided JLSS towards the running budget has been enormously reduced, we hope SVS will soon be able to restore this grant to its previous levels as SVS has been the second supporting body of JLSS with EVS from the very beginnings of Schneller Schools. The grants we receive towards the main budget are the backbone that enables us to provide totally free care, education, and vocational training to all our boarding students, and big scholarship grants to most of our day students.
Mr. Schmitter returned to Switzerland early Friday morning November 4.
We express our thanks to Mr. Schmitter for his visit and commitment to support our school.
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