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CEIFA Group from Brazil Performs in JLSS

A Brazilian group from CEIFACEIFA Group Performance in JLSS (International Company of Arts) performed to JLSS students on Tuesday 18 December 2012. CEIFA is part of Youth with a Mission (WYAM) in Brazil.
Since 1988 CEIFA has been doing performances around the world. The company was on tour in the Middle East and was in Lebanon for one month. There were eight members in the team from various regions in Brazil. They were: Raudson Reis, Gerson Santos, Veridiana Pontes, Talita Mascarenmas, Cleidiance Campos, Wagner Barbosa, Helder Melo and Heber Brissan.
The team coordinator was Jihad Nasr, director of Generations with a Message - Lebanon (GWAM) which is also part of Youth with a Mission International. GWAM works with kids, youth , and families in Lebanon.
The performance of CEIFA in JLSS dazzled our students and teachers. CEIFA Group Performance in JLSS It was highly professional. It included mime, rope acrobatics, and highly skillful magic tricks. The performance had the message that there is no help for anyone except from God.
We congratulate CEIFA for their professional and excellent performance. We thank every member of the team and Jihad Nasr for including Schneller School among the schools in which CEIFA performed.
Our students, teachers, and members of staff enjoyed every moment of the performance.
Thank you very much CEIFA.

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